nature hair products

When it comes to what is the best for healthy hair, I find nature hair products, that is, natural ingredients for hair, is what natural beauty is all about. Like there is a a natural cure for every disease, there is a nature made product for every type of hair. This short article is an overview of what will become a series, going in depth on every aspect of what I call, nature hair care.

Nature hair products, that is, natural ingredients in your hair products, like shampoo and conditioner make everybody’s hair healthier and without absorbing any toxic chemicals into your scalp. While it may be second nature to you to read nutrition labels on foods before you buy them, you probably don’t pore over your hair product labels the same. But, you should! Let’s take a look.


Avocado Oil for Hair, nature hair care natural ingredients for hair

Nature hair products #1 is Avocado, whole or as avocado oil. Natural ingredients for hair like avocado in shampoo, for example, is terrific since it’s packed with vitamins A, D, E, and contains more potassium than bananas. Easily absorbed into the skin, avocado oil for hair is a quick way to get multiple nutrients onto your scalp for improved hair growth.

It’s a great leave-in conditioner too as it softens it and provides a lovely shine. If you have dry and/or damaged hair, avocado oil for hair helps to replenish strength and add moisture. It spreads quickly to coat the hair without weighing it down.


Aloe Vera for Hair Growth, nature hair care

Aloe vera for hair growth is actually a thing. What’s great about aloe vera as a nature hair care product is it contains an enzyme that stimulates hair follicles. Yet, it can also make hair silkier and treat scalp problems, such as irritation and dandruff.


Castor oil comes from the castor seed, making this another nature hair product. Not only is this a humectant, it also has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

It can also help soothe itchy skin on the surface of the scalp. Additionally, it has a micellar-based formula to clean the hair and scalp. Keeping hair follicles clear stimulates hair growth. Yes, you read that correctly. Castor oil for hair growth!

Its high concentration of fatty acids, this natural ingredient for hair also helps keep hair moisturized.


Coconut oil for hair, coconut hair oil, natural ingredients for hair

Many natural hair products like shampoo and conditioner contain coconut oil for hair. Coconut oil for hair is another nature hair product that is an emollient. It is perfect for sealing moisture into the hair. It provides both shine and strength to locks.

It’s one of the best for actually penetrating hair. However, you want to look for products that contain the oil, as opposed to a jar of the raw stuff, as it can make it harder to wash out.


This emollient seals and softens the hair. The “extra virgin” on a label means it was produced using only physical means (no machines involved) and has no chemical treatment to alter it.

This nature hair product is very similar to the natural oils of the hair and scalp, and helps to replenish the oils that are missing in dry damaged hair


Honey is another nature hair product as it acts as a light humectant that also has antibacterial properties.

It is really good at hydrating hair and can be called hydroxypropyltrimonium honey on ingredient lists. It’s an extract that basically sticks to damaged areas of the hair to better hydrate them without that sticky feeling.


Jojoba is another humectant perfect for adding to damaged ends. Because this natural hair care product is very similar to your natural hair oils, it can be used to balance your scalp, aiding overproducing glands that cause oily hair.

It is also non-greasy and will give your hair a healthy, natural shine.


High in fatty acids, shea butter is an emollient and so it provides a layer of emollient on top of the surface of a hair strand, significantly reducing the amount of moisture (water) lost.


With potent antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, this natural ingredient is a soothing remedy to a dry scalp. It has been shown to reduce the effects of dandruff, and relieve psoriasis. It cleans out old skin and is great for re-invigorating hair.

However, as this is a powerful essential oil, you will better served the further down the list of ingredients it is on the hair care product. Organic and unrefined versions of these ingredients work best and ensure the retention of nutrients.


Vegetable based glycerin acts as a strong humectant creating a layer of oil over the hair strand. This means this nature hair care product can attract moisture and bind it to the hair.


Now you know more about nature hair products, like oils to look for in your hair like shampoos, conditioners and styling products to ensure that your hair is strong, healthy and shiny.