Clove and Hallow Concealer Review

CLOVE + HALLOW Correct + Conceal is the perfect, lightweight full coverage cosmetics mineral based concealer with wand applicator. Their clean formula comes in 10 neutral shades for all complexion undertones. This natural makeup brand skincare beauty product is safe, vegan, cruelty-free and even PETA-certified.

This all-natural Clove and Hallow concealer formulation offers optimal performance that delivers a flawless finish for under eye circles, hyper-pigmentation, imperfections and blemishes.

A creamy, blendable and breathable coverage, it stays on seamlessly under makeup or on its own completely undetectable and with no signs of creasing even with adding multiple layers.

Put simply, it works. CLOVE and HALLOW have perfected a natural, minerals based concealer that achieves the results and generous coverage we all desire.

What I love about natural makeup brand, CLOVE + HALLOW:

  • They are a PETA-certified cruelty free and vegan makeup brand. And that goes for all of their products!
  • The use a Clean15™ formulation strategy that replaces thousands of questionable chemicals with a well-researched roster of natural ingredients and safe synthetics that you can trust.

Clove and Hallow Review: Conceal + Correct Concealer

Clove and Hallow Concealer, a mineral based concealer

I do have sensitive skin and so I loved that this was a mineral based concealer, a natural ingredients based cosmetic product. Because of my fair skin, I chose a light shade to match my skin color. I do not tend to get dark circles but do get redness on my cheeks at times and acne breakouts and blemishes on my face occasionally.

The applicator wand applies just the perfect amount under my eyes beautifully, smoothly and evenly on the skin. After dabbing at the concealer under my eye a bit with my finger, it left a weightless, flawless finish.

The texture felt silky, lightweight, and with a creamy consistency. It felt airy and breathable as well as hydrating.

Coverage of the Clove + Hallow correct and conceal makeup concealer exceeded expectations in terms of the amount of pigment to cover imperfections on my skin. The mineral based concealer completely blends and covers over little lines without leaving any creasing. I then dabbed it over a few red marks on my face and found that the cover hides amazingly well.

I checked my face after a few hours and the results were great. It looked fantastic and was not cakey or flaking. At long last, I can say this is the best clean beauty mineral based concealer I’ve ever tried.

I hope you found my Clove and Hallow review helpful!

A fellow redhead (double yes!) owns Clove and Hallow. Founder and CEO, Sarah Biggers is a professional makeup artist who lives and breathes cosmetics.

Sarah Biggers CEO Clove + Hallow

Sarah Biggers, Founder and CEO

She doesn’t just stand for clean cosmetics out of principle. She underwent her personal journey towards clean living many years ago after experiencing a debilitating illness that doctors couldn’t diagnose.

Desperate to feel better, she went down a path she had never before considered: naturopathic medicine.

It was then when she realized if what she put in her body was such an impact, what she put on her body was equally important. Moreover, as a makeup artist with clients, family, and friends looking to her for advice and product recommendations, Sarah knew she needed to rebuild her personal and professional makeup kits with safe products.

So, Sarah dreamed for a line of clean, cruelty free and vegan natural makeup brand that would work for women of all skin-tones.

The Clean15™ Guarantee

Cruelty free and vegan makeup Clean Beauty Brand Clove Hallow

The Clove + Hallow Clean15™ Guarantee means no cheap fillers or unnecessary fluff. Just the good stuff, delivered in 15 or fewer ingredients per base formula.

Their makeup motto is — Safety, meet Swagger — and it’s more than just words. It’s about keeping you looking and feeling great thanks to their minimalist approach to formulating. And, their commitment to creating a top notch cruelty free and vegan clean beauty makeup brand.

“Less is more” has never been truer than when it comes to ingredients in your makeup and skincare. With their Clean15™ Guarantee, you can easily live that clean beauty truth with pro-grade products made with a simplified roster of safe ingredients.

Ingredients Glossary

Natural Makeup brand. cruelty free and vegan makeup ingredients glossary.

What is so great and transparent about this vegan makeup brand is their ingredients glossary. Clove + Hallow list every ingredient of every product they sell.

My Clove and Hallow Review Conclusion:

CLOVE + HALLOW is an award winning affordably-priced skincare and cosmetics company specializing in high-quality, clean beauty ingredients makeup. Sophisticated and sassy yet modern and minimalist, this green cosmetics company deserves your attention. All of their products are natural, botanicals or minerals based, cruelty-free, PETA-certified, vegan and safe for you and the environment.

Their well-researched, professional commitment to ensure quality formulations and standards are revolutionizing the cosmetics industry.

As a woman, trust and safety is paramount in a product that I put on my skin. I am happy to say that CLOVE + HALLOW are worthy of my trust and have consistently produced gorgeous makeup I absolutely love. Their products have always truly enhanced my complexion and just look great.